since 2014

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The topic of the structured PhD programme "ProMINTion", funded by the Excellence Initiative, is on measurement processes and handling of data. These are part of the day-to-day scientific practice in the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Likewise, students in mathematics and natural sciences come intensely into contact with that same issue at school and university. Nevertheless, the topic has hitherto attracted little interest in both the field of subject-related pedagogical research as well as in the research field of university pedagogy. "ProMINTion" PhD students benefit from theoretical and methodological courses offered by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Educational Research and the Humboldt Graduate School. Furthermore, "ProMINTion" reconciles the specific sciences and the subject-specific pedagogies not only in terms of teaching but in terms of research. It involves Adlershof’s technology centres as prospective employers of future generations of students in current developments in the field of teacher education. "ProMINTion" thereby contributes to the competitiveness of the Adlershof Technology Park by promoting future scientists in the STEM disciplines.